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 National Award Winning Baker... Raine Gottess



  • 2003  ABC        Life Moments             last episode #1175 Pie Town Productions
  • 2003  Food Network    "The Great American Pie Cook-Off "      CCSP20
  • 2006  Food Network     "All American Pie Championships"         ACSP12
  • 2008 Food Network      "National Pie Championship"                  CC1A01
  • 2009  Food Network     "Amazing Pie Championship" 
  • 2015  World Food Championship  on   Discover  America
  • 2016 World Food Championship be announced


 Raine is a national award-winning baker featured on ABC & Food Network since 2003. She is a recipe developer, published in The Best recipe from America's Food Festivals and  America's BEST Pies, 2012, America's Best Pies 2014-2015, and a third volume, Sept 2016!l  America's BEST Harvest Pies, 2013.  Recently included in "Holiday & Celebrations" issue of Taste of Home cookbook!

Her recent challenge has been a competitor  the World Food Championships two years in a row, under her pie competitor & friend Susan Boyle with Sweet Minatures. Completing 22nd of 50 in 2015 and 18th of 50 in 2016. Choosing to not attend events in 2017, taking a break from the competition scene for a while.

She acquired a self-taught talent by the age of nine. It was not until she became a single mother, with the hope of an income that could give her the opportunity to be with her son more, that her talent took more toward the professional and business end.

She used her personally created recipes at her first bakery in Pompano Beach, Florida " Grandma's Goodies" from 1992-2000, catering to business gift giving.

Moving on to the Disney developed town, in Orlando called "Celebration", were her talent took national recognition. Featured in the spotlight in 2003 on  ABC's "Life Moments", Raine was able to share with the viewers her single parent lifestyle along with her first recipe contest. With her one pie entry, she won first place in the national pie competition along with the top prize of "Best in show". She gained even more recognition as Food Network was filming the event for the first time. The network continued filming the competitions over the next several years in which Raine was able to show her creations and continued first place ribbons.

 With up to 400 pie entries and only 12 out of those receiving first place. Raine attended the National Pie Championship each April in Orlando to compete with her baking competitors/friends from 2002 to 2016.

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Raine's recipes are the best of their kind including candies, cakes, cupcakes, cookies, pies, appetizers, meat pies  and more!