Award Winning Desserts

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National Award Winning Pies

Crisco/APC National Pie Competition

16 Award Winning Pie


2016 "Cherry Truffle Pie"     Second place

2014  "We're ALL Nuts"           First Place

2013     *Up, Up and Away                  Second Place                            

2012    100 Years of Memories Pie     First place 

             Creamsicle Pie                       First place

             Strawberry Twist                    Second place  


2009     Campfire Fun Pie                    First place 

2008     *October Fest                          First place                              

             Buckeye Pie                            First place

2007     Strawberry Thin Mint              First place

2006    * Peanut Butter Proposal         First place                           

             Field of Berries                        First place

             Key West Twist                        Second place

2005     Peach Swirl                             Third place

2004     Macadamia Berry Pie              First place

2003     *Celebration Cheese Pie         First place & Best in Show    


  October Fest         Celebration Cheese Pie





  Raine's  creations are included in the  nationally published pie cookbook written by Linda Hoskins who is the president of The American Pie Council. It features the top pie winners & 200  winning recipes from the Crisco/APC National Competitions.

America's Best Pies (2012)

America's Best Pies 2014-2015

America's Best Pies 2016-2017

Recipes are also included in :

   America's BEST Harvest Pies (2013)

Taste of Home "Holiday & Celebrations Cookbook" 2016




Taste Of Home "Simple & Delicious" magazine December 2012

A winner of the  Mexican recipe contest for her "Nacho Scoops" appetizer entry!


Taste of Home Cookbook Nov 2016

Orange Twist cookies